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Wednesday 19.12. MiB After work: Ready to live your life in a B-I-G way? Introducing the Wander Woman Playbook - for those who dare to dream, do, fail & win while having all the fun

Welcome to listen an insightful talk about creating and nurturing a growth mindset amidst self-doubt, personal growth and, well, life. This talk is for ambitious women in business, women who want to be the leaders of tomorrow, instilling the confidence and motivation within themselves (and in their families, friends and teams) in order to achieve goals that at first might seem impossible.

The talk is hosted by Anna Kuusela who brings her decade worth of experience in management consulting in London City. She’s worked side by side with some of the most prestigious CEOs of our time in the fashion and luxury industry in the most complex business transformation challenges. Anna is a true global citizen, having worked and/or lived in eight countries, and spending last six of them in London. In April 2018 she left her corporate career to become a full time entrepreneur and to make an even bigger impact.

Her book, The Wander Woman’s Playbook – My Habits for Becoming Unstoppable, was published in Nov 1st, and today she calls herself a business strategist, coach, author, and inspirational speaker. Anna is truly passionate about personal growth and believes we all have unlimited potential, we just need to have the right tools to tap into it.

This is your chance to hear thoughts that might change the way you look at your world – and make you go on your Xmas break inspired. Welcome!

The participants will have a chance to buy Anna’s book at the event at EUR 10.

Place: Helsinki
Price: Free of charge
Kids: Welcome!

There is space for 25 mothers who come together with their children and for 25 mothers who come alone.

Participation link will be sent by email on Wednesday 12.12. at 10 am.