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7.2.2019 MiB goes Evergreen Farm: Local strawberries even on February

Evergreen Farm Oy is an agricultural technology company that produces the most advanced and efficient climate-controlled vertical farming system, known as Grow360. We have now opportunity to visit farm with its CEO Ali Amirlatif. He got an idea of this while crows ate all strawberries from the yard and now in five years he has managed to create this innovate farming system. Aim of Evergreen Farm is to make fresh, healthy, delicious, pesticide-free, and non-GMO food accessible to everyone. During our visit we can see strawberries, salad and flowers growing.

There will be place for 10 mums by themselves and for 10 mums with kids.

Paikka: Tampere
Hinta: Maksuton
Lapset: Tervetulleita!

Ilmoittautumislinkki tapahtumaan lähetetään sähköpostitse torstaina 31.1. klo 10.