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Ti 10.9. MiB After work: Achieving your dreams

Have you ever wondered how much passion, determination, sweat, and tears it takes to achieve an Olympic medal?

MiB After work gives you the chance to learn Frantz Kruger’s story on how he achieved his Olympic dream and how he took what he learned from professional athletics and turned it into a successful career at ABB. He will also share how he finds competing and coaching at a national level still rewarding and where he currently finds the motivation to study his Master’s degree in Business, all this with two children.  

We will share our own dreams, big or small, and discuss how to achieve our own podiums one step at a time. Feel free to come and join the discussion in English, på svenska tai suomeksi.

Paikka: Vaasan pääkirjasto, Essee-sali, 1. krs, Kirjastonkatu 13, 65100 Vaasa
Hinta: Maksuton jäsenille
Lapset: Tervetulleita!

Mukaan mahtuu 5 äitiä lapsineen, sekä 10 äitiä jotka saapuvat yksin. Ilmoittautumislinkki tapahtumaan lähetetään sähköpostitse tiistaina 3.9 klo 18.